Nic Granlund
Pro Off-Road Racer

Granlund back on the Podium

May 19, 2017 -Cedar City, Utah-Nic Granlund’s Yamaha YXZ 1000R is back on the podium taking a 3rd place finish in the SxS 1000 Pro Stock Class.  

The track at IronMine Raceway in Cedar City Utah consists of a motocross track and some fast flat surrounding terrain.  With warm temperatures and high winds, track preparations were challenging for the crew.  Some sections of the track were heavily watered yet other parts were as dry as the Sahara desert causing visibility to be either covered in mud or blinding dusty conditions.

At the start Nic had the last spot on the far outside on the front row.  After the green flag dropped Nic got pushed even further out so he decided to slow down and cut back across to the inside of the first turn.  After hectic turns early in the race, Nic settled into fourth place.  Battling vision problems, the field began to thin out and Nic set a fast pace. 
 Within a few laps the leader began to have mechanical issues which brought Nic into third place.   A short time later, the new leader also had mechanical issues promoting Nic into second place.  With only two laps to go, Nic began to push hard and started to gain time on the leader.  As a result, Nic’s third lap set fastest overall lap time of the race. 

 Nic received the white flag indicating one lap to go and the leader was within striking distance.  At this time, Nic prepared for a last lap battle but shortly after exiting the motocross section of the track, Nic felt something was awry.  The handling of Nic’s machine became erratic and Nic had to back off the pace to assess the situation.  Nic came to the conclusion that he would continue to the finish at a reduced pace.  With only a quarter lap to go, third place had caught up and made the pass to overtake second position.  Unable to defend his second place, Nic focused his sights on making it to the finish line.
Even with a wounded car, Nic managed to cross the finish line in third place, securing yet another podium spot .  After further inspection, Nic discovered that he was missing his right front axel.  Testimony to the strength of the Yamaha YXZ 1000R and supplementary components provided by his many sponsors, the machine held up well allowing Nic to finish strong.